Voodoo Spells

Voodoo magic

Bondye the supreme God of Voodoo is unreachable, so we aim prayers & petitions to the spirits known as loa, or mistè. The loa Papa Legba is the guardian of the crossroads, loa Erzulie Freda is the spirit of love, loa Simbi is the spirit of rain and magicians and loa Kouzin Zaka is the spirit of agriculture.

Voodoo spells

These loa spirits of the voodoo religion are divided into 21 nations. The loa fall into family groups, each family is associated with a specific aspect, for instance the the Ezili govern the feminine spheres of life. We direct our spells to anyone of the 21 loa depending on the problem.

Voodoo dolls

The voodoo dolls can be used for love, power and domination, luck, finance and uncrossing. Voodoo dolls are usually used to bless instead of curse. The sticking pins in the doll is not to cause pain in the person the doll is associated with, but rather to pin a picture of a person or a name to the doll.


West African Vodoo

Vodun or Vudun is indigenous Ewe people in West Africa from Ghana to Nigeria. Vodun cosmology centers around the vodun spirits that govern the different elements of the Earth.  All creation is divine hence we use herbal medicines directed by the Loa & various rituals to help people.

Haitan voodoo

Vodou is a Haitian Creole word that formerly referred to only a small subset of Haitian rituals. Haitan Voodoo has mysterious forces, vodun energies & magical powers that are conferred to the voduists or servants of the spirits. Mama Kinju is very knowlegable on the voodun.


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