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Love spells for success in relationships & marriages. Connect with your loved ones and get answers.


My Home protection spells will keep your home and assets permanently protected from criminals, evil forces your enemies.


Are you in need of a revenge spell? Do you want the person that has harmed you get what they deserve? You have come to the right place.


All creation is divine hence I use herbal medicines directed by the Loa & various rituals to help people. I perform different voodoo spells.

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I am Kabandi Kinju know as “Mama Spells” by many. The bulk of my power comes from be having high spiritual pressure which lets me channel and release powers which affect the outcomes of reality.

I may be extremely powerful but I am also a real approachable person, who drinks water and enjoys thier tea! In other words I am approachable and I would like you to be in touch with me and tell me about yourself. I am intelligent too, oh yes I apply my mind to think things through before I make a magical decision.

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Since I graduated from college, I have been having bad luck with employers. I have been fired from my last job due to unknown reasons and have found it very hard to find my dream job with dream salary. I am Happy to say with you help I now have a top rank job and happy. Thank you and God bless!
Mike, West Africa
Trained with John
Mama Kinju's marriage spell really worked out for me, for years I've had eyes on this beautiful man and today we are happily married.... We have a lovely beautiful child. I never thought a day would come for me to call him my HUSBAND 🙂 Thanks to you lady..
Kamila Banda
If you are looking for powerful magic money spells you are definitely at the right place. This lady helped me to get money from an unknown source, for one of my little music projects. I have tried spells before without results, finally my dream came true. My wish was granted by the spirits.
DJ Koo


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